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KMHOP Services:

Special Events
KMHOP Ministry responsible for managing event scheduling, and responsible for sponsoring events resulting  in souls being added to the kingdom, increased KMHOP treasury, and outreach to the community

KMHOP Newsletter Ministry publicizing the highlights of KMHOP discipleship, fellowship, and evangelism

KMHOP Ministry keeping the KMHOP members abreast of all ministry services, events, and activities in an enthusiastic and timely fashion

Records & Archives
KMHOP Ministry maintaining the historical artifacts and milestones of the ministry

Ministry of Finance
KMHOP Ministry functioning as spiritual counters of KMHOP tithes & offerings

Financial Restoration
KMHOP Ministry enabling godly stewardship of finances by providing training, tools, and accountability

Fund Raising
KMHOP Ministry leading and managing activities and events to increase KMHOP funds

KMHOP Ministry providing protection and safety for the KMHOP members, visitors and the facility

KMHOP Ministry caring for the special needs of the church facility and equipment

Building Cleaning
KMHOP Ministry enabling the consistent cleaning of the inside and outside of the KMHOP facility

Building Beautification
KMHOP Ministry enabling the consistent beautification of the inside and outside of the KMHOP facility

KMHOP Ministry going back to the original decreed

New Years
KMHOP Ministry leading and managing all aspects (foot washing, service, and fellowship) of the Annual New Years’ service

Information Technology
KMHOP Ministry advancing the vision through the effective use of email, websites, blogs, and other technologies


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