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Refreshing Springs
KMHOP Ministry uniting Christians in fellowship through “extreme liberated praise & worship,” which refreshes, revives, and renews the believer

KMHOP Ministry promoting and enabling KMHOP prayer

KMHOP Ministry leveraging godly preachers and teachers of the body of Christ to revive, refresh, and renew KMHOP members resulting in a holy body of believers

KMHOP Ministry focused on teaching and preaching the gospel message to a lost and dying world in order to bring them into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

Caring Hands
KMHOP Ministry ensuring the safety and spiritual well-being of members through timely, gentle, and encouraging follow-ups via face to face, email, phone, or direct mail

Koinonia (Fellowship)
KMHOP Ministry of Koinonia is a time for caring, sharing and enjoying each member while breaking of bread together

Gate Keepers
KMHOP Ministry responsible for ensuring proper seating of parishioners during each KMHOP service as well as maintaining order in the sanctuary during service time

KMHOP Ministry focused on hospitality ensuring that the love of Christ is expressed and experienced by each person entering and exiting KMHOP

Armor Bearers
KMHOP Ministry providing strength and support of the Pastor & 1st Lady through availability, faithfulness and intercessory prayer

Discipleship Training
KMHOP Ministry providing training and application in biblical principles while fostering Koinonia among the KMHOP members

New Members
KMHOP Ministry welcoming and engaging new members in the ministry

1st Ministry (Sunday School)
KMHOP Ministry designed to teach biblical principles to KMHOP adults, young adults, teens, and primary

Bus Ministry
KMHOP Ministry aiding evangelism and supporting KMHOP members and visitors through transportation to and from KMHOP services, events, and activities

Health & Wellness
KMHOP Ministry championing physical health through education and instruction in nutrition and exercise

Altar Ministry
KMHOP Ministry assisting the Pastor during Alter call by covering, interceding, travailing, discerning, comforting and exhorting souls receiving salvation, the Holy Spirit, or standing in the need of prayer


Uniting Christians for Evangelism, Discipleship, and Fellowship
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