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Pastor Gary Chance

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Pastor Gary L. Chance was called into the pastorate ministry in December 2003 while ministering in the British Virgin Islands. There one morning in deep prayer and meditation for the evening service, he asked God to give him a fresh word for the people (of Virgin Gouda). Much to his surprise, the Lord gave him Isaiah 58:11, “And the Lord shall guide thee continually…” However, the word was not for the people; but for him. It was upon these words that he accepted the call to the pastoral ministry and endeavors to be a refreshing spring of water to the body of Christ, whose waters fail not.

He has served in many ministry leadership positions and capacities under the spiritual leadership of his mentor, the late Bishop William Morgan James. He gleaned and learned the art of ministry and the gift of giving under his tutorage.

Pastor Chance is the founder and director of the Men’s Extravaganza, an annual event, which Ministers to Men with an emphasis on building the family and helping men live in full capacity in all areas of their life.

He has appeared on TBN and various local radio programs. He is a psalmist, composer and preacher. Pastor Chance has written many of the praise songs for the ministry. There are times in the middle of a message; he would just begin to sing a new song. Not only does he sing, write and preach, but he evangelizes as well. This National and International Evangelist is anointed by the Holy Spirit to minister during Revivals, Leadership Conferences, and especially, to Pastors. He has a calling to preach and teach the unadulterated Gospel, to win the lost and heal the hurting, at any cost!

Pastor Chance has developed several discipleship and leadership courses for equipping and training members for ministry. He is currently conducting “Disciples in Deed’ for his congregation.

Pastor Gary L. Chance, a native of Port Clinton, Ohio, was saved at the age of 12 and has remained faithful unto God and the ministry of the local church. He matriculated from the Baldwin Wallace University with a BA in Criminal Justice and Bowling Green University with a MA in Public Administration. He is married to his lovely wife, Brenda, and they are the proud parents of two wonderful children, Blair and Garrett. Pastor Chance has a strong commitment to the role of the priest that the man carries out in the family.


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