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First Lady Brenda Chance was born and raised in the Church Of God in Christ. She was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost early in life.

She has an anointing on her life to search the scriptures and teach with simplicity. First lady has taught in the public arenas, but has since devoted her teachings strictly to the church. Her calling to teach at the age of 10 has remained until now. She has taught classes on salvation, prayer, studying the bible, and several books of the bible, including Revelations. She continues to teach on any subject the Holy Spirit deems necessary.

Prayer seems to be second nature to Sister Chance. Her ministry is to pray at any given time. She can be usually found around the altar at Kingdom Ministries House of Prayer in preparation of monthly prayer workshops and shut-ins. She has written many prayers and is compiling them for a book.

She is the Founder and Director of the KMHOP Women’s ministry where training is conducted to understand what it means to be a refreshing spring of water in their lives and the lives of others.

Lady Chance is a graduate of the William Morgan James Ministerial School taught by the late Dr. Richard Brown. She is proud to say that she was among the last class he taught. It was under his teaching where she successfully tested out of the ministry of teaching and into the ministry of pastor/shepherd where she operates heavily in administration.

Sister Brenda Chance is currently serving as the First Lady of Kingdom Ministries House of Prayer where she teaches the Adult Sunday School class, Altar Counselors, Finance and is the overseer of the Youth. She gladly serves in any needed area of the ministry with a smile and is given to hospitality.

Sister Brenda is married to Pastor Gary Chance. To this union, two terrific children were born, Blair and Garrett. She is honored and delighted that the Lord has entrusted her with such a task as rearing two of His children. Her ministry of Motherhood enables her to be compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others and venture to meet them.


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